Egyptian native, Marina Girgis combines her love for culture, post-modern art and architecture into creating her designs.

With a background in Visual Arts, a degree in Fashion Design from the University of North Texas and years of experience in the beauty industry, Marina has developed an eye for detail, trend spotting, and perfection along with a strong focus on the client experience. Her extensive travels around the world has made her highly adaptable and a creative problem solver, as well as providing inspiration for her body of work.   

Marina has worked with various makeup brands from Sephora to Bobbi Brown and her experiences include visual content creation for Shop Miss A, CURLS LLC, and local startups.

Through various collaborations and industry connections, Marina has also gained an extensive roster of designers, photographers and models. When directing photoshoots, Marina is always ready to assemble a talented team and bring any creative vision to life.

Marina has won several awards for her fashion designs and was featured in local and international magazines including Patron Magazine, DFW Style Daily, Austere Magazine, Dreamingless Magazine, Elegant Magazine, and Kaltblut Magazine.

Artist Statement (Fashion)

Marina’s garments typically feature abstract shapes and bold colors inspired by the works of modern and contemporary artists. She also references Japanese aesthetic principles and philosophies such as Wabi-Sabi, minimalism, and gender-neutrality in her designs resulting in her boxy and geometric silhouettes. 

Marina is constantly exploring conceptual ideas and the question of beauty, not only through garment designs, but also through the images she creates for her personal brand in collaboration with other artists. 

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